What Type Of Vacuum Should You Buy

Vacuum should you BuyWhether you are a homeowner, apartment renter, or condo leaser you need to find the right appliances for your lifestyle and your living space. I’ve lived in many different cities and had to accommodate both small apartments and large townhouses. Every living space requires slightly different cleaning supplies.

This is particularly true when it comes to vacuums. Since this is often a big-ticket item, most people want to research it to make sure they get something that will meet all their needs. Trust me. I was the same way. After searching through numerous products, I’ve come up with a few key things to look for when trying to find what vacuum cleaner will work for you and your family.

First, you have to determine your lifestyle and the style of your house. Here are a few things that you need to consider when buying a vacuum.

Do You Have Pets? You’ll Need A Pet Hair Vacuum!

Vintage-vacuum-cleaner The first main consideration that you need to think about is if you have furry pets like cats, dogs, wolves, and sheep. Okay. Well, you might not have a wolf or a sheep, but cats and dogs are common household pets that usually end up shedding their coats around the house leaving pet dander on furniture, clothes, and the floor.

This kind of mess can not only be difficult to clean and eliminate, but it can also be impossible to pick up with a standard vacuum. It’s important to get vacuum that is specifically designed for pets.

The only thing is buying a pet vacuum can be tricky because there are so many things to consider. Don’t worry. I’ve went through some of the most popular pet products and found the ones that work the best.

Check out my reviews for the best pet hair vacuum for more information.

Do You Have Hardwood Floors Or Carpet?

hardwood-floor-vacuumMany people don’t even consider the fact that they have a mix of different floor types in their house before they purchase a vacuum cleaner. This is just crazy. Carpet cleaners and cleaners used for tile, wood, and linoleum are completely different and most likely won’t work well for both.

People with both hardwood and carpet floors need to look into versatile cleaners that can be set up for both types of floors. People’s homes with predominately wood floors, on the other hand, should look for a hardwood vac instead.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to find the best hardwood vacuum cleaner. There are so many options and extras that need to be considered like attachments, suction power, and cord length. That is exactly why I decided to research and review the top selling products in this category.

That way you can narrow down your choices and just pick the best vacuum to clean your maple or oak floors. You don’t have to mess around with something that isn’t going to work.

Here is my guide to the best hardwood vacuum.

Do You Have Enough Storage Space?

Storage solution for vacuum cleaner storage is a huge consideration that most people end up overlooking when they choose a vac. Think about it. Most roller vacs can’t fit in a normal sized coat closet. For some people who only have small apartment spaces, a stick vacuum might be the only option while people with larger houses can easily store a full-sized roller or upright.

Either way, this is an important consideration that many people bypass because it’s not always apparent.

The Best Vacuums For Pet Hair Buying Guide

Most dog or cat enthusiasts share their homes and lives with their pets. In many cases, these animals sleep in their owners’ beds, share the family room couch, and even eat at the kitchen table during dinnertime. Dogs and cats often become members of the family and sometimes treated better than extended relatives. I know this first hand because our pet of 10 years is truly a member of our family.

Because we love our furry creatures so much, we are willing to take care of them, bring them to the vet, and most importantly clean up after them. During the summer, dogs and cats tend to shed their winter coats and make a mess all over the house. It can be a pain to clean up this fur unless you have the right kind of equipment.

Pet hair tends to stick to furniture, like couches and chair, as well as the carpets in our house. Sometimes there are even dust balls of dander floating around our hardwood floors. That is why I decided to research and find the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, so my house could be nice and clean without having to do much work.

I used many different types of cleaners with varying degrees of success. Don’t waste your time with buying an expensive piece of equipment just to find out that it gets clogged up with fuzz and lint.

Read my reviews and check out this handy table that I made to highlight the top-rated and Best vacuums for pet hair.

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