The History Of Vacuum Cleaners

History Of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

The history of Hoover vacuum cleaners is a long and storied one, starting with a dream of better vacuum cleaners and ending with one of the top-selling brands of vacuums in the world.

Somehow, the dream of a better vacuum cleaner resulted in one of the most intricately designed product lines in history and included some of the best in vacuum and suction technology.

The Hoover vacuum cleaners would become household names and would challenge the cleaning world of supremacy, asserting its dominance over how people accomplished their housework and how they did their jobs.
The Hoover company is based out of North Canton in Ohio and is an American-based floor care company.

For the bulk of the 1900s, Hoover dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry with its product. This domination rose to the point at which vacuums in the United Kingdom were actually simply referred to as hoovers.

The Hoover Company first began as a part of the Whirlpool Company. The first vacuum cleaner was actually created, interestingly enough, by a janitor at a Canton, Ohio department store. James Murray Spangler invented the first vacuum from a soapbox, electric motor, and pillowcase. Hoover vacuum cleaners have since come a long way.

Moving Along In The Industry

Spangler’ s primary reason for this invention was that he suffered from asthma attacks and wanted to find a way to rid the dust of the area in which he worked. He suspected that the crude carpet sweeper he used in the department store was a part of his irritation, so he changed the way we clean carpet forever.

Spangler ended up taking the contraption to a friend of his, Susan Hoover, who in turn began to use it in her home. Her husband, WH BossHoover, was a leather goods manufacturer in Canton and bought the patent from Spangler.

They became partners in 1908 and started the vacuum cleaner business. One of the ways that Hoover vacuum cleaners became popular was a free service. Hoover placed an ad in the newspaper advertising for a free ten-day trial on the vacuum cleaner invention.

Eventually, Hoover vacuum cleaners started to expand locally and then globally as it gathered steam from several retailers and buyers after the invention’ s great productivity over the traditional carpet sweepers.

The Hoover Company continues to evolve the vacuum business with new inventions and pieces to the original plan that create an evolving product line that satisfies customers worldwide.

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Exploring Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Exploring Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners are founded by James Dyson under the fundamental that James was unhappy with modern vacuum cleaners and decided to be proactive and do something about it.

Dyson was displeased with the way that modern vacuum cleaners got clogged and impeded the vacuuming process with the dust and dirt particles that would catch in the filters or the bags.

This impeded the airflow, so Dyson found a way to not only introduce a bagless system that work function well, but also to introduce a different way for the air to flow through the vacuum cleaner.

After 12 years of development and trial and error, Dyson is a world leader in this type of vacuum technology and has turned the suction industry on its head. The technology known as the Root Cycloneis what drives Dyson vacuum cleaners.

This simple technology is a result of different airflow patterns. The Dyson cyclone speeds at a high rate of speed, a much higher rate of speed than normal vacuums. This results in dirt and dust being thrown out of the airflow at the same speed, causing the particles to be collected in the bin and not in the pores of the bags or filters.

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Dyson Moves On

The Dyson vacuum cleaners operate under this successful fundamental: anything can be changed for the better. It is this evolutionary take on the vacuum that caused James Dyson to come up with the airflow issue and solve it, creating the cyclone of airflow and making it apply to the Dyson vacuum cleaners with great success.

Because of this adjustment to the speed and style of the airflow, the Dyson vacuum will not clog or get bogged down in the process which results in a loss of power. The Dyson vacuum will maintain high power throughout the life of the machine.

The drawback is that the bin needs to be emptied out more, but Dyson claims that this is for the better because if it is not in the bin than the dust particles are still in the home of the vacuum operator.

Dyson vacuum cleaners have been cleaning homes with this fundamental for 12 years and growing, continually adding value to their vacuum cleaners with new additives and pieces to the Dyson puzzle. This creates a product line that will last because it will change and that is important to any successful business.

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Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Philosophical Cleaning

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Philosophical Cleaning

For some, the word philosophy harkens back to their college days, when they had to sit in a lecture hall and try to analyze the thoughts of Plato and Aristotle.

While the subject of philosophy can be quite daunting, its practical nature works well with many of life’ s everyday dilemmas. Cleaning is a common dilemma, so it is only practical that one should try to make one’ s cleaning life easier by purchasing a Eureka vacuum cleaner.

Eureka! And The Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing one notices when one encounters a Eureka vacuum cleaner is its unique, almost comical, name. As the legend goes, Eureka!which is Greek for I found it!was most famously said by Archimedes, a Greek physicist, who said it when he figured out the theory behind water displacement.

So, how did Eureka! apply to a vacuum cleaner? Fred Wardell, the inventor of the Eureka vacuum cleaner, though it was a great way to signify to customers that this company was able to invent products that would leave a lasting impression on the world of cleaning.

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The Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Through the Years

It appears that Fred Wardell was right in thinking that his products were going to have an impact on the world, because from his Detroit, Michigan establishment of the Eureka Company in 1903, the Eureka vacuum cleaner and similar products really began to get noticed.

In 1913 alone, Fred Wardell’ s company made six different kinds of Eureka vacuum cleaners. By 1919, the Eureka manufacturing plant had enough means to produce 2,000 Eureka vacuum cleaners a day. By 1927, Eureka was selling one third out of all of the different kinds of vacuum cleaners that were being produced in the United States at that time.

Eureka products have been so popular because they are easily moved throughout the home, and are affordable at the same time. They were also popular at the very beginning because, unlike other competitors, there were so many different types of Eureka vacuum cleaners entering the market at once, which allowed the consumer to choose just the right product for them.

In 2004, the Eureka Company became Electrolux Home Product North America. Although the Eureka!is now gone, the quality of the products that continue to be produced certainly has not diminished.

Fred Wardell has a dream to change the cleaning market, and through hard work he did just that. Now, that is certainly a philosophy that can be applied to far more than just cleaning.

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