How to Vacuum Blinds and Curtains Properly

How to Vacuum Blinds and Curtains Properly

Whereas your home represents you, your curtains and blinds are a stark representation of your home both inside and out.

Besides restraining harmful pollutants and sunrays from entering the house, the two work together to provide an aesthetically-pleasing spectacle that further enhances the beauty of your home.

The following are all the instructions you need to vacuum your curtains and blinds properly and achieve the above result.


Now, before you even think of bringing down your curtains, you’ll have to decide if they’re really dirty and in need of cleaning.

You can do this by vacuuming the curtains under low suction using an upholstery attachment.

Ideally, try doing this at least once a month, more so if the area you live is characterized as dusty. Like you’re soon going to find out, thorough vacuuming sometimes eliminate the need to get your curtains cleaned.

If the curtains leave behind a musty whiff-from tobacco smoke, for instance-we suggest you try airing them. Choose a dry, blustery day when the sun is a little forgiving, then take them out and hang them over a sturdy airer or washing line for several hours or until the smoky smell disappears. This may NOT be an option if the curtains have convoluted hangings or are too heavy.

In such case, you’ll have to try out a deodorizing spray and see if it makes the smell a bit bearable.

If after doing all that you still feel like your curtain still needs some cleaning, then consider getting it done professionally. Companies specializing in carpet-cleaning have high-powered steam cleaners, which lift dirt off curtains right from where they stand-you don’t need to worry about removing or taking them back.


Vacuum Blinds and Curtains Properly

Roman blinds are vacuumed the same way as curtains-under low suction and using an upholstery attachment.

Start by taking them down, after which you can remove the cords and the plastic, wooden or metal dowels (often sewn into the curtain lining). And since the outer fabric and lining shrink at different rates, it’s advisable to have them dry cleaned.

Once done, you can reassemble all of them before rehanging them over your washing line. If your steam cleaner has an upholstery attachment, try using it to remove the creases still hanging on the fabric. Alternatively, lay them flat and steam them using an iron box, held at least an inch from the surface. You can thereafter shake them before rehanging.

The next thing to do after rehanging is to try stretching the blinds up and down and thereafter leaving them up for a day or two for the pleats to settle back into place.

The cords you use to bring the blinds down and up will eventually get dirty. Whether or NOT your blinds look clean, they certainly won’t be pleasing to the eye if you hang them back on when the cord is still grubby.

You’ll therefore have to replace them when they appear dirty to maintain that pristine look they had while they were still new.

Restringing your blinds should be your last worry, more so if you hang them by attaching them to the batten atop your window using a Velcro-as with many blinds nowadays.

Sparkling new cords will make your blind look as good as they were when you bought them. They are also very cheap and easy to find. Just visit any curtain-selling store or haberdasher and ask for blind cords. Pretty fills, which come in ecru or white, are a good pick if you’re stuck on the choice to go for.

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