How To Use Vacuum Cleaner Step By Step Guide

Using a vacuum cleaner is a sure and easy way to get the dirt off from your house. It does not matter how much dust is there; you can get it out with ease.

No one can deny that the difference they will witness before and after using a vacuum cleaner in their house.

This technology is useful in many instances. For instance, you no longer need to spend taking your car to a car wash; you can get at the attachment for car washing.

And that is not all, they have kept evolving. The contemporary vacuum cleaners are better, versatile, more comfortable to use and more efficient.

Every new model is better in every way. They are made lighter and more compatible for different cleaning needs.  The many attachments that come with them enable versatility for these machines.

There is no denying that people are becoming more and more attached to these machines.

You can use these machines in ways you have never imagined. It is not about just using them, but correctly using them and to full potential.

Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

There are different vacuum cleaners in the world today. But to enhance the functionality of any machine you choose, consider the type of attachment. The accessories below are most popular today.

Dusting Brush

Is your floor wooden? Or do you have just any type of wooden surface you want to clean? Consider using this attachment. It is the ideal choice for cleaning wooden surfaces and related areas.

The brush is made around with soft bristles that work to ensure every inch of the surface is covered. Don’t worry about corners and hidden surfaces as the bristles can penetrate just anywhere. Let all the dirt in those areas out with this attachment.

And when you are done with the surfaces, you can get back to the doors. The brush is still an excellent choice for door molding, window sills, and bookcases. There is no need any more for you to struggle with a hand brush.

In essence, this attachment will clean thoroughly just any soft or fragile surface. That is why it is made with the soft touch to ensure that only dirt comes out leaving the surface intact. If you have picture frames and other art in your house, consider using this attachment.

If some items in your kitchen need dusting off, then this is the ideal selection. The amount of work you are going to handle will be so much easier because you can use a longer pipe to reach high areas.

Crevice Tool

Why would you take your car to the cleaner when you have a vacuum cleaner? A crevice is a favorite tool for many car owners. It makes your work so much easy.

It has a thin shape that can get into tight nooks. Those spots inside your car your thought are unreachable can be clean within seconds.

The angled tip on the tool enables it to provide additional utility. You can use this tool for a lot of other functions like leaning refrigerator coils and radiator grilles.

And if you have sofas cushions, you must clean, this is the perfect attachment. The tool provides excellent service with minimum effort.

Extension Wand

Among all the extensions, this is the most criminally overlooked tool. It is the best tool to get to those hard to reach spots in any part of your home.

The extensions can also be used for non-cleaning purposes, and that is what makes it unique.

Reach the high ceilings and high light fixtures with easy. These are parts of the house that brings much trouble cleaning. Having to climb tables to reach them is nothing but dangerous. But with this extension, you can reach out to any part of your house.

Upholstery Tool

For those who need to work on surfaces that demand stiff bristles, the answer is in the upholstery tool.

The attachments are small and flat. This means they work on surfaces that are flat and in most cases softer. Surfaces that is not wooden or concrete. To work well on all sorts of mattresses, sofas, and cushions, this attachment should be on your list of selection.

You can use the attachment to remove dust and dirt on these surfaces. But that is not all it can do, effectively remove lint and fur from upholstered surfaces with ease as well. It keeps your mattress intact while ensuring cleanliness.

Steps For Using A Vacuum Cleaner

There is a chance that everyone has used a vacuum cleaner ones or severally in their lives.

But there are also chances that not many people know the proper way of using the cleaners. You might think you know, but you are doing the total opposite of what is expected.

Well, we have already seen that you will need to choose a great attachment. Apart from that, consider the steps highlighted below.

Step 1: Examine The Back Area Of The Vacuum

All the dust you clean gets deposited here. This is among the most critical parts of your vacuum cleaner. The last thing you want is to start cleaning, only to realize you cannot continue because there is an issue here.

On older models, there is a sport bag.  The newer models are improved with a removable canister. Open the area and ensure that there is no dirt remaining from your previous cleaning.

Change the bag if it is full. And empty a reusable canister if need be.

The idea here is to avoid malfunctioning of your cleaner. This is one of the problems most people face without knowing they forgot to clean the back vacuum.

Step 2: Consider The Height Of The Vacuum

Almost all vacuums have adjustable height settings. This feature helps you deal with a varying thickness on carpets.

It is essential that you check this height before you start using the vacuum.

The goal here is to achieve enough suction. For a setting that is not low enough, it is impossible to get enough suction for proper cleaning of the carpet. You may end up blaming the functionality of the cleaner when it is your fault.

And if you take it too low, there will be an effect on the airflow. Start by checking the setting before you engage the machine.

Step 3: Get All Smaller Items Out

When cleaning, you need as much space as possible. It is essential that you maneuver the machine around the surfaces for effective cleanness.

But furniture is not comfortable to move around. Moving some of the things large things in the room could be almost impossible when you are working alone.

There are other objects in the area you can try to move out. Smaller objects that lighter can give you space to move larger ones with ease.

Clutter is the number one reason for a slow process. So before you start, ensure the objects are moved as much as possible.

Step 4: Turning On The Cleaner

You have checked, and everything is in order right? Have you moved the items right? Now it is time to start the process. Turn on the device.

And once this is achieved, there is a proper way of ensuring maximum cleanness. Use slow and even strokes while pushing the machine to and fro. Give enough concentration to every inch of the surface.

A quick movement will not help a lot. The cleaning will not be as thorough as you would want it to appear.

Step 5: Use Attachments

To get the best out of the vacuums, attachments have been provided. All vacuums come with these tools, whether old or newer models.

These tools are handy for someone who is serious about what they are doing. Make sure you have selected the right type of attachment; otherwise, you will not enjoy the results. The airflow will push dirt from the dirty areas to the areas you are done with.

Step 6: Wash The Brush

Many people use the vacuum cleaners and forget to wash the brush. All the brushes need cleaning from time to time.

Debris gets stuck within the bristles of the brush. When this happens, you add more dirt to your surface instead of cleaning.

Use mild detergent and water. It is the best way to clean the brush attachments.

And to make it even better, use a bucket of warm water. It softens the bristles to allow dirt to flow out.

Do not assume that just because the vacuum is clean, the brushes will work.

Step 7: Dry The Bristle Brush

After doing your cleaning in the house, clean the brushes and let them dry from inside out.

To start the drying process, use rags to remove water from them. This makes it easier and faster to dry when you leave them in the open.

Leave the brushes on the sun if possible until they are scorched. If that is not an option, consider pat drying the bristles.

Do not use the bristle again until they dry. This not only ensures a clean surface, but it also lengthens the brush’s lifespan.

Step 8: Use A Comb Before Repeating The Cleaning Process

If you want to speed up the cleaning process, you can do so with an old comb.

Just run the brush through the bristles. You can do this until the bristles are completely dry.

The comp will help remove any remaining hairs that water alone couldn’t.

The cleaning process should be a frequent exercise. As long as you are using the vacuum, it is vital that you clean it immediately you finish working with it. Ensure, it is kept clean until the next job.

Consider The Five Best Vacuums Below

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This new Eureka Blaze is the perfect way to breeze through your home. The nozzle is uniquely engineered to suck everything. It offers high maneuverability with the 3-in-1 design. It is light enough for anyone to use.

Bissell Cleanview-upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This machine has powerful cleaning features with OnePass technology. The suction is powerful enough to achieve cleanness in one pass. The powerful, multi-cyclonic suction system is nothing less than perfect. The multilevel filtration traps fine debris.

It is lightweight with a large capacity dirt bin. Use this device to clean ones and move.

Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

This Shark’s original device is a 2-in-1 powered lift-away vacuum. It has a detachable canister for easy cleaning. Other features include:

  • Hard flow hero
  • TruePet motorized brush and Pet-multi tool.
  • Fingertip control
  • Anti-allergen complete seal tech + a HEPA filter.

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

You will discover easy cleaning with Tineco A10, codeless with a detachable battery. It has 110W impressive suction power, 4 times more than ordinary machines. It contains full-size LED multi-tasker power brush for all floor types.

It is made with four stages fully-sealed filtrations system to lock small particles. With a low profile design and easy-to-empty dustbin, this is the best technology device.


Now that you understand how to use the vacuum cleaner step by step, your work will be much easier.

There are many ways of using vacuum cleaners that most people are not even aware of. The devices are not only for cleaning your home and car.

Use the vacuum to keep allergens away from your house, clean washing machine’s lint filter, and make your home smell great among many other applications. Cleaning is more fun with a proper device choice.

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