How to Dust and Vacuum Your Home

Vacuuming your house seems like a fairly easy, self-explanatory task. But wait until it’s time to do the actual cleaning … where do you even begin? How do you dust and vacuum the upholstery, stairs, walls, carpet, and so forth?

Well, this article looks at a streamlined process you can follow while dusting and vacuuming your house to ensure the whole process flows smoothly and that the house is left spic and span to your instant gratification after you’re done.

Gather Everything You’ll Need

Gather all the tools you’ll needs-from the vacuum cleaner, brushes, hoses, and any other attachment you think will come in handy while cleaning.

Change or Clean Your Air Filters

If your house has a central cooling and heating system, make an effort to change the filters first to control the dust levels before you embark on the actual cleaning.

Bear in mind that a standard filter will only filter the big particles to protect your heating/cooling system from damage. Try using high-quality paper and pleated fabric filters instead to reduce the dust. It’s also recommended that you replace them after every one or two months to stop the dust from building over.

Get an Air Purifier

An air purifier cleans the air by trapping finer dust particles. They are particularly great for high-dust households or if your family is allergic to dust. Keep in mind that an air purifier will only trap the dust in the room they’re placed in. You might therefore want to consider picking a number of them if you got a number of rooms you’d want to clean the air.

Collects all the items you don’t need

If there are lots of knick-knacks hanging around your wall, you might want to remove them to make the surfaces easier to clean. Move from room to room sweeping all the dust-collecting items you lay your eyes on. Put them in a box and have them dusted first before you can proceed and clean the rest of the house.

Blankets, tablecloths, pillows, and all rugs should also be brought outside and washed first before you can go ahead and vacuum the house. If possible, make an effort to replace furniture cloth with wood or leather.

Dust the house

Now that you have already cleaned or gotten rid of most of the dust-accumulating items in your house, you’re free to go on with the actual dusting.

Dampen a piece of clean cloth and run it all over house, beginning with the highest places in the room. Do worry about the dust that falls on the carpet, as you can always come to it later and sweep.

What’s important is that you’ll have to choose one direction and stick to it—clockwise or anti-clockwise. This will ensure that you don’t skip any area.

Run the cloth back into water and clean it immediately you start noticing it accumulating excess dust.

Prioritize on the hard-to-reach spots

There are hard-to-reach spots in the room that you’re likely to forget should you fail to make them a priority. This could be the region behind your TV set, on top of your cabinet, or under the couch.

For the dust and cobwebs on high ceiling, trying using a damp piece of cloth to wipe them off.

Try moving the larger pieces of furniture

You’ll have to move some of the larger pieces of furniture to access some hidden spots in the room. If you can’t move some of the pieces, try getting a small paintbrush that you can use to access the surrounding nooks. Some vacuum cleaners come with various attachments that can help you access some of the tough to reach spots around the house.

Furniture and Floor

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your furniture upholstery. Once done you can go ahead and clean your floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpeted floors, and more importantly, be extra keen to ensure you don’t miss out any of the hidden places under the furniture or in the corner of your room.

Once your house is cleaned to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and clean the stairs. You might want to consider reading about the best vacuum for stairs to get the most out of the machine you buy in case you haven’t bought one already.

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