Vacuum is something that is important to be chosen so that you can easily keep your home cleaner. Everyone like neat and clean house, nobody feels good in mess, so it is important to always keep your house clean and tidy, cleaning of a house may include vacuuming, disposing of the rubbish things, cleaning the dirty surface, removing dirt and other leaves from the gutters, washing windows and doormats.

In short, there are many ways to keep your house clean by doing proper house cleaning and washing the things properly in order to make your home look clean and also smell better and make it your heaven to live in with your loved ones.

When it comes to the stairs, you always need best vacuum for stairs. There are so many constraints when it comes to choosing the vacuum for cleaning the stairs. It is always necessary for you to choose the one that is most suitable for you so that you can find the best kind of the vacuum for you.

There are so many good products in the market that can serve your need. These best vacuums for stairs have got so many features in them that the house owners feel as really good in the best manner. There are quite a lot of things that are related with the vacuum that you need to know.

As we all know that living in any dirty or unhygienic place is very harmful for us and may lead us to suffer in further illness, so it’s always important to clean the area where you are living.

When we talk about cleaning the sudden name came in our mind is vacuum cleaner, which is also known as a sweeper, it is the best way of cleaning the dirt as it sucks the dirt and dust through its air pump, we can clean the floor and the stairs and other surfaces of the house to keep it neat and clean. There are different features of vacuum that you may like to know, and they are given below.

Before you choose any product for your cleaning needs, you should need to know about that well. Your cleaning solution should be really worth for the money that you are spending.

The product that you are choosing for the purpose of cleaning should be the one that satisfies the requirements you have. It is always necessary for you to go through all the available reviews so that it really become much easier for you to make your decision.

Cleaning the stairs with ordinary vacuum cleaner is bit difficult, to get into every corner or make it a hassle to drag a heavy device up and down on your stairs, so for that reason, there are some best portable vacuums and small vacuum that can easily clean your stairs whether they are carpeted or non-carpeted and make your life easy and you can even get clean stairs without struggle and get a cleaner home.

The best vacuum for stairs should be chosen from the best brands available so that you need not have to worry much about it. There are quite a lot of things you need to know regarding it so that your choice can be really made in much easier manner.

What’s The Best Vacuum For Stairs?

What Is The Best Vacuum For Stairs

The best portable vacuum for stairs are almost same in function like the other ordinary vacuum cleaners that have air pumps to suck the dirt and dust inside and collect that rubbish either by a dust bag or a cyclone for later disposal.

They are easily available in every size and model in the market, but the best stick vacuum, small vacuum, and upright vacuum are best specially for cleaning the stairs as it become difficult to clean the stairs edges and hardwood floor with ordinary heavy weighted vacuum cleaner and it becomes hassle work for the one who is cleaning the stairs to move up and down, again and again, some people hate the stairs just because of its cleaning and feel annoying. To clean the stairs and you cannot avoid its cleaning because it is the most usable part of the house and it must be clean on daily basis.

Understand about the various machines appropriately so that your choice can be made in the way you actually want it to be done without any kinds of the issues. Here are the best machines that you can consider for that so that your need for cleaning the stairs can be met easily.

Top Rated Vacuum For Stairs

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV352

This is the vacuum cleaner that provides with awesome cleaning performance and is available for the cost of about $$$ dollars. It is the one that can provide with greater cleaning on the carpets and also has got much easier way of using it. It is the one that comes in compact size and also can be useful for picking up the debris and also dirt which can easily wrangle all around house.

Design & Usability

This is the vacuum that is compact and also is best available with handles that are removable and also has got a wand which is used as an extension.

This is the one that is unique as it has got the top half which can be detached from floor brush so that you can easily use that for portable cleaning. The weight of the vacuum comes to about 14 pounds and so it can be used for gliding on the short carpets and also bare floors much easily.

It is also one such kind of the vacuum which do not come with any kinds of manual adjustment of the height. Even when it is assembled properly, you may find some issue when it is connected with the cleaner.

The power cord that is available with it which is of about 24 feet can be easily wrapped up on the board. The cord hook which is there at top can be considered as nice touch that can keep things away when you are doing cleaning.

There are no such things like elegance to dirt holder which can snap onto vacuum body along with the plastic hooks on both the sides. You need to really put some efforts for unlatching it.

Once when it is opened the dirt holder can be easily opened from both the sides. This vacuum has got about three filters which include one that is an exhaust filter and also other two of the pre-filters.

Performance & Features

It is the best vacuum for stairs as it is the one that has got cyclonic suction as well as motorized brush roll. The performance of the vacuum is really awesome and also can pick up the debris very easily and in much faster pace.

The only issue is that if the debris is so heavy then the vacuum can find it hard for picking such things up. There is a removable hose along with it which allows to be extended for about 80 inches.

If you finish with hose, it can be snapped back firmly to cleaner body thus doubling the handle. This hose can also be much useful when the vacuum gets detached from floor brush.

It is also one such kinds of the vacuum machine that comes with about four tools. It is the one that can make you really crazy if you are trying to disassemble it often.

The vacuum cleaners that are discussed above are the ones that come with so many features as well as pros as well as cons. It is always good for you to understand much about them from the possible sources online.

There are so many websites out there that provide you with the finest reviews on these kinds of the vacuum cleaners. It is a good source for you to get better idea on these. From the reviews available you might have found that each of the vacuums can be used for different kinds of applications. You should be able to choose them based on the actual application of it.

It is always necessary for you to make the choice only once you are sure about the type of the machine. It is always necessary for you to understand before you make the choice. There are quite a lot of features included related with the vacuum cleaners which you need to analyze well so that you can make the choice easily.

The best vacuum for stairs can be chosen considering whether your stairs have carpets or you have pets at home etc. If you have kids at home then also your demands for cleaning can be more.

Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner

This is the cleaner that is available with compact size and also it can be used most frequently by the people who are in need of power cleaning every day for the pet stains, carpet stains, etc.

It can be really a best vacuum for stairs that can be easily used on it so that you can get the dirt be removed very easily. The power suction and also the hand tool bristles work in such a way that it can be easily loosen and also can lift the stain fast.

This is the powerful tool that is portable and also the one that can provide with much better consumer satisfaction. It has got a hose of 5 fee and also hand tools as well as long cord which are much longer.

This is the kind of the tool which can be easily used for removing stains as well as spots from the upholstered areas and also at the carpets that are hard for you to reach.

Compact And Light Weighted

This is the kind of the vacuum that comes under the category of the portable ones as it weighs only 13.2 lbs and is also much compact. It is something that can be easily moved by you and also small footprint of it makes it much easier for you to find a place for it to be stored. This cleaner machine has the width of 14 inches, depth of 14 inches, and also the height of 14 inches.

Superior Suction Power

The motor that is used in the vacuum has got the power of 5.7 ampere. It has got the ability for producing superior suction – power that can make it a better one.

Most of the users commented that this is the vacuum which can easily remove spills and also much deeper stains. It is one such kind of the vacuum cleaner that is best for you to choose for commercial cleaning.

Larger Tanks for Holding the Cleaned Stuffs

This is the vacuum machine that has got a tank of about 96 oz size which can be considered as really a great convenience. You need not have to go for so many trips of the refill when you are cleaning so many items or spots.

The Two Tank System

This is the vacuum that is available with two tank one which is meant for holding the clean water and also other one is for the collection of dirty water. This is the kind of the set up that is always preferred with the carpet cleaners.

Tools & Width

It comes with a stain brush of 3 inches which is really tough and is meant for removing the tough stains conveniently from the very confined kinds of locations like vehicle upholstery, cushions and also rugs.

Brushing Without Motorization

The brush that is available with the vacuum is not motorized. If you want you need to buy a separate tool that is motorized.

Hoover UH30600

For more than 100 years, HOOVER® has been committed to improving the well-being of people’s homes. The first-ever Hoover innovation was an electric suction sweeper that used a pillowcase to capture dust and allergens.

And to this day, Hoover continues to develop simple-to-use products that enhance the cleanliness, the comfort, and the health of people’s homes. Because when your home is at its best, so are you.

Features & Benefits:

  •  WindTunnel 3 Technology: Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt.
  • HEPA Media Filter: Traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns.
  • 7-Position Height Adjustment: Settings easily adjust from deep carpet to hard floor surfaces.
  • Powerful Reach: 30-foot cord extends room-to-room without the hassle of unplugging.
  • System Check Indicator: Indicates if there is a clog and when the filter needs to be cleaned or checked.
  • Above-Floor Cleaning: Reaches for easy access to ceilings, crown molding, window treatments, fans, and more.
  • Clean Drop Bags: one simple touch releases the full bag directly into the trash, so you never have to touch the dirty bag.
  • Brushroll On/Off Pedal Control: For use on bare floors automatically turns off when in the upright storage/tool use position.


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Max UH30600:


  • The suction of this vacuum cleaner is powerful enough for most tasks around the home, the hose is long enough to reach most places around the house and works well on stairs too.
  • The power cord is 30 feet long, making it great for large areas, as it doesn’t need to be plugged in and unplugged several times during vacuuming.
  • People are generally happy with the different height adjustments on this vacuum, as it makes it a great choice for many types of carpets.
  • The bag disposal system makes it easy to get rid of a full dust bag, just by pressing a button. Just hold it over a trash can and press the button, and then the dust bag is released directly to the trash can, without you having to touch it directly.


  •  A few users found the noise level of this vacuum bothersome, as it has a higher pitch than other vacuums.
  • While the vacuum has lights in front of it, they don’t point towards the floor, but against the wall. This makes it less useful than lights on other vacuums.
  • The upright handle doesn’t lie completely flat and is difficult to adjust. This means that you might not be able to get under all types of furniture.


The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Max UH30600 is a great purchase for those in search of a new upright vacuum with lots of features.

Users seem to like it for its powerful suction, which makes it great for most surface types, and the hose and different attachments make it able to reach most places of your home.

All in all, this might be a great vacuum for some people, I mostly like that it is very easy to carry up and down the stairs. It is such a pleasure to use.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug doctor is one such brand that is much popular for being the best kind of the ones for offering professional as well as high-quality carpet cleaning aids for the house cleaning.

The portable spot cleaner that is available from rug doctor is the best vacuum for stairs. It has got the ability for providing with much effective kind of the deep cleaning.

It is also a compact as well as light-weighted vacuum that can be used so that you can easily get the spills, stains, and also spots removed without any issues.


There are so many advantages that you get when you buy this portable vacuum cleaner from the rug doctor. The first thing is that even when the actual price of the product comes to about $$$ dollars you can easily get it for about $$$ dollars.

The sport remover has got power which is twice compared to the power of other machines that are available for removing spot as well as stain. It is the machine that can help you in getting the job done in much faster pace compared to the other ones.

This is the model that even comes with wheels so that it become much easier for you to get it roll it behind you and there is no need for lugging it around like the other kinds of the vacuum cleaners that are hand held.

The wheels that are there with this vacuum are also much friendly to carpets and also they do not damage the carpets nor they create any kinds of tracks on the carpets.

It is also the vacuum cleaner that has got removable tanks in them and so can be used for filling them up with the spot remover. It can easily minimize risk for making mess with the dirty water and also the nasty chemicals.

It is necessary for you to be really much careful with the hole that is there on top side of the water tank. If you are not careful then there are chances for you to spill the dirty water on the floor.

This is the vacuum which can be considered as a cost effective choice for you to buy if you are someone who need to clean up the pet stains, spilled drinks and also spilled food at least seven times in the year.

The cost of this vacuum is much less compared to the rent that you need to pay while you are getting vacuum for rent. It is always good for you to choose the one that can best provide you with the finest solution for this.

This vacuum can be useful not only for cleaning the home but also for the car. It is always the best kind of the choice available for you.


It is not the option for you if you want to get a vacuum cleaner for lifting up the stairs. It has got really good amount of weight. It is an option only if you need not have to carry it.

Dyson V6 Trigger

This is the cordless vacuum cleaner available from Dyson. It has got the best kind of the innovation used in it which can be really awesome for cleaning the hard floors.

It can be used for cleaning the stains created by your pets too if you are using the animal head with the vacuum cleaner. It tries to provide the kind of the same result that you get in a huge vacuum cleaner even with this smaller one.

It has got lighter body which can be handled very easily even with a single hand. The battery life of this vacuum can be about 20 minutes.

How It Works

Dyson V6 makes use of air pump for the creation of vacuum which can suck up the dust as well as dirt from floors and also other surfaces like that of the car seats.

This vacuum is operated by battery and also is the one that has got ergonomic design for fitting to the hand’s shape. It is the one that is available with light weight and also is the one much hygienic. It has got button to be pushed for the dirt to be collected and then can be released to the dustbin.

It makes use of the technology called the cyclone technology It usually makes use of about 15 cyclones which are arranged in about two tiers. They work parallel with each other for better airflow creation.

The radial cyclones of two tier can be used for creating a stronger centrifugal force by spinning air. This force can create suction power which can fling dirt as well as dust out of air and then to bin.


You get a lot of accessories with this vacuum cleaner that makes it possible for you to tackle so many kinds of the jobs. It has got a cleaning head that is motorized so that it can be used for cleaning the normal carpets.

It can use much higher power so that you get a bristled extension along with the crevice tool. The attachments that are available with it can be easily used for fitting directly to body of the vacuum or at end of the some rigid extension.

It can be considered as a comfortable choice for you as the vacuum that comes under the handheld category. It has got a docking station that can be wall mounted.

You just need to get the dock screwed to wall and then can be used for storing the vacuum. There is no need for you to worry about the space need for the storage of it.


This is the vacuum that works in the battery and so there is no need for you to worry about tripping on the power cable. The power of the vacuum cleaner is also much immense.

It is also a highly effective vacuum cleaner available in the category. There is a trigger mechanism with this vacuum cleaner that is available with it for ensuring that the power of the battery is not wasted.

The Buying Guide Best Vacuum for Stairs

Are you looking for best vacuum for stairs? You have come to the right place. The worst place in a house to vacuum is the stairs. A staircase is available in different sizes and shapes, creating it virtually hard to plenty of vacuum cleaners to clean debris and dirt.

For cleaning the dust from the stairs is very important because if dust accumulate on the floor and other surface it makes the whole house dirty and it can be suspended in the air and can cause dust on all the household items, furniture, clothing and can spread bad sneezing and even troubling in breath and can also cause illness.

So its very important to control it in the beginning before it covers the whole house so you must take some action in cleaning the house and vacuuming the dust and dirt from the house, so for that reason. To make cleaning stairs easy we are going to discuss about the best vacuums for stairs, its use and advantages of the portable lightweight small vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs even from the corners and edges easily.

The right option is to avail a hose and connection when holding the equipment in place with several models. Fortunately there are best vacuum for stairs in the market.


To get begin, you will need to compare certain advantages and features from each of the vacuum cleaners. Getting a vacuum that has been made specifically for the stairs space is the right option. This generally shows getting a handheld cleaner with you when you sit on the steps and clean the stair easily.

There are some cordless and corded options available in the handheld choice for vacuuming the stair, most of the models are bagless Certain cleaners are made with longer hoses which create it easier to clean the stairs utilizing attachments.

This model can be canister vacuum or upright vacuum. With this, it is essential to ensure that vacuuming starts at the bottom rather than at the top of the stairs.

There is also the probability of getting the vacuum cleaner tip over and fall down. It is simple to begin from the corners and edges of the stairs when working on the edge side. Mostly debris gathers along the corners, joint or wall of the stairs.

You may want to crevice tool to loosen the dust when it has been awhile because the previous vacuuming of the stairs. Do back and forth to free up the floor in dirt.

Which Is The Best Vacuum For Stairs?

Every style of vacuum cleaner for the stairs contains positives and negatives which should be looked before you buy. Handheld vacuums are smaller, portable which may be available or may not be found cordless.

They provide smaller cleaning areas than other model options, but can clean all kinds of debris effectively. Canister vacuums function on the stairs when the hose is lengthy to reach to the top of the stairs.

These vacuum for stairs we discuss is not just specifically made for only stairs but also for those places which are hard to reach and it makes it easy to go to such places and clean the entire home without hassle.

They provide the best powerful suction through cleaning, it can clean multi surfaces like from carpeted floors to hard floors and have three stages of filtration and the dirt cup placed in the front of the vacuum helps to capture the very fine dust particles and clean the surface.

Its filters are easily washable and can also be used again and have different tools for cleaning smaller particles like dusting brush, air flow regulator and automatic cord rewing. You can get the best portable vacuum for stairs, just by ordering online from our site where you can get complete knowledge about all the types and different range of vacuum cleaners available at

Most of the equipment does not provide this choice. Therefore make sure to check the length prior making a purchase. Avail a vacuum head which is the width of the stairs to obtain the best cleaning solution.

Upright vacuums are also same like the previous models. The difference is that most of the upright vacuums can climb the stairs when you are cleaning hence that when the hose is not lengthy, the work can still get performed. Find for lightweight equipment to give the most control.

Cordless vacuums are particularly produced to be operated on a battery. These may be stick or handheld vacuums. Stick vacuums are slightly bigger than the handheld ones and work in a same model to uprights.

Certain models give two in one option which permits them to become a handheld particularly for the stairs. These vacuums are slight tough to control, but usually offer the simplest and cheapest solution.

The model of the stairs which you have will generally say what the best vacuum for stairs will be the best option. Smaller stairs benefit from stick or handheld models. Staircases that are short can be benefited by the canister or upright vacuum cleaners. Think about your stairs; consider the vacuum cleaner and you will see the best one for your stairs.

How To Find The Best Vacuum For Stairs

To get the best one, you will want to get more information. Narrow down the selection to a particular kind of vacuum cleaner. You will need to determine the best ones on the market.

Online reviews are the best resources to get the information. When considering a website, there is different type of price points that are found to customers on these days. As we are offering the best quality vacuum cleaners in reasonable prices and easy to order and easily get delivered at your doorstep.

The vacuum is convenient and can easily clean the whole home, you can easily pick it from the carrying handle and can easily move due to such lightweight and you can even connect it with the given extension tools to clean those surfaces also which are not easily reachable.

The other given tools can also clean the sofas, curtain, and other cleaning where you need to bend, you can easily turn the suction up and down according to your need with its variable suction control tools. Certain handheld types are available under forty dollars today.

Some are priced in the three hundred dollars range. The price is based up on the capability of the equipment, how much additional operation you may need the cleaners to do and how long you need the equipment to last.

You cannot even imagine that with the reduced size you may get the same power and cleaning efficiency as in the other bigger hoovers, and due to its latest designed technology, it may provide the deep cleaning on any surface even the very small dust particles can be cleaned through it. The multi cleaning suction will keep the filters clean and the power brush roll make it best for multi surface cleaner and even the cleaning of the edges.

They can be used for hours because they do not depend upon batteries and you can use them for long time. It weights very less which can be easily handled without getting tired and the brush roll given on the top for the cleaning of any surface can be easily turned on or off as per your need.

These best portable vacuum for stairs can make our life much easier and manageable, because we do not need to get frustrated to clean our home. Now we just need these durable light weighted and easy hand handled vacuums which can clean our home easily and precisely.

These vacuums are much lighter in handling and you may not get tired with it and you can also clean those critical areas where those ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot go. It is easily movable and durable and with its given tools you can use them according to your need.

You can easily buy the best vacuum online and we offer you the best guaranteed vacuum cleaners for your home. With the latest designed technology, you can buy whatever type of vacuum you want according to your house, whether you have more stairs, hardwood floor, tile floors. You can choose the types given on our site like:

  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV352
  2. Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner
  3. Hoover UH30600
  4. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner
  5. Dyson V6 Trigger

These different types of vacuum are available with different features and best cleaners for such hectic cleaning which creates frustration for the people who have this duty of cleaning the house, these are best for lightweight tasks like cleaning of stairs, sofas, curtains, cushions, wall papers and such areas where other cleaners cannot easily reach.

These lightweight vacuum cleaners are very much easy to handle and you can clean your house on daily basis with these vacuums and they are easy to store due to their size. But they can work like a big machine with more power; they are much more portable and have different removable and flexible pipes and brushes in variety of shapes to attach them according to your cleaning need.

Now we came to the conclusion that now days keeping clean house is not a dream anymore for the working people who don’t have much time to give for cleaning. With this latest lightweight vacuum cleaners life became so easy and cleaning of a house is much easier and you can enjoy clean house easily without getting frustrated.

You can easily take out this short time to clean their home easily with these vacuum cleaners, I must recommend you to just buy once and you will feel a big change in your life.

For homeowners who are looking for the best vacuum for stairs alone, a good vacuum cleaner can be available for about hundred dollars or less. If the requirement of the vacuum cleaners is part of the total home solution, there are lot of options that can be seen at two hundred dollars or less.

There are many different cleaning equipment available in the market for different cleaning purpose. All of them have several different functions and features for specific cleaning but now the big issue for cleaning stairs and narrow edgy corners of our house which were very difficult and need lot of time to clean are now not a problem anymore. You can easily clean your complicated areas with this amazing best portable vacuum cleaner which have made our life much easier than before.

As we are living in technical era where everything is fast and we have to do struggle and hard work for the whole day, so we cannot manage much time for wasting on the cleaning of our house. But this amazing small vacuum has made our life more convenient for cleaning purpose.

You can even give this amazing vacuum as a gift to your loved ones on any occasion or on their wedding. This is long-lasting gift that will be remembered ever by those who got it whenever they use.

As it is very lightweight, so it can be handled even by youngsters who don’t want to clean their room and left it mess whenever they go out, but this amazing technology have resolved their problem as well. Now they can easily carry it with their hand and can move it anywhere for cleaning the room and even it also doesn’t take much time for such cleaning.

Adolescent living in hostels or sharing combined room can also use this for quick and easy cleaning of their room. You can also use it for cleaning the mates and seats of your car which becomes difficult to clean from the corners of the seats, but now all your cleaning problems have one solution which is our best portable vacuum cleaner which will help your cleaning and even you may enjoy your cleaning time with it.

So don’t waste your money for fake or duplicate vacuum cleaners, always buy from some authentic site and always read reviews of the people who are using it and their experience with our product. We are not saying anything, our product will ask you to say about your experience of using our amazing Vacuum cleaners for best cleaning purpose.

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