Getting The Best Rated Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Clean and healthy homes are a necessity to most people, but most people do not know how to get it done. Below we discuss on how to give your home a thorough spring cleaning and certainly make it shine. Buying the right upright vacuum cleaner need not be the hassle you think it would be.

Two of the Best Rated upright vacuum cleaners are the Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum and the Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum.

With so many options on the market for upright vacuum cleaners, it might be a hard job knowing which equipment to purchase with an array of models on the market for you to choose. However, there are several factors that you would like to consider before you make a decision and help narrow down the one for you so that you make the perfect selection for use in your home.

  1. Firstly, consider how heavy the vacuum cleaner is. Is it heavyweight or lightweight? This can influence how you clean your house. If you need a vacuum that requires you take it from room to room to clean your house, then maybe a lightweight vacuum might be best, or even if you have a house with plenty of stairs, you may wish to choose this option. However, if this is not a problem, then a heavier weight vacuum might be beneficial as they tend to have more features.
  2. Another option to consider is whether you go for a bagged vacuum or a bagless vacuum. With bagged options, they trap the dust and dirt within the bag and indicate if the bag is full up. However, a bagless vacuum uses a series of filters to trap the dust and dirt while letting air pass through the vacuum. You can also see the dust and dirt build up in the machine and then have a good idea for when it is time to empty it.
  3. Consider whether the vacuum cleaner has a good filtration system that will extend its life. If it has a good filtration system such as a HEPA filter, dirt and dust are not let out to the air after it has been collected and so will benefit those with allergies as it would help them breathe more easily.
  4. The suction power, You may wish to consider its ability to clean and remove the dust and dirt from your floor. Is it powerful enough for what you want it to do?
  5. It is worth factoring in whether it is going to be a high maintenance vacuum. Will it need a lot of attention or will it keep it going or can you run it for long periods without it requiring maintenance attention from you.
  6. Another consideration is what gadgets it comes with. The extra tools that you get on some models of upright vacuum can come in very useful for all kinds of uses such as getting into those awkward corners that an upright vacuum just could not negotiate.

Dyson 206900

Some of the advantages of the upright cleaner are as follows:

  • The upright cleaner is much easier to use as you don’t have to bend when using it, most people do complain about the use of another category of vacuum as it makes the back sour after use. When using an upright vacuum, you are sure of no strain on the leg and back muscles, which means it is a wiser choice for your health and well-being.
  • With the upright cleaner, the power switch can be found on the handle or a foot lever on the base of the unit. The switch on the handle makes it very easy to turn on and off, but there is still the option for the foot lever switch for those who prefer.
  • With the best rated upright vacuum, it does not require you to switch floor heads halfway through the room to accommodate the different levels or move to a carpeted area as this all happens automatically. The hard surface of carpet sensor makes changing floor surfaces happen in one smooth movement.
  • They are amazingly productive machines that expansive clean regions in a brief span, they are additionally adequately simple to work for that spilled ashtray or other trash that should be grabbed rapidly.


  • One of the cons is that sometimes can’t reach some complex corners in the household.
  • Another disadvantage of this category of vacuum is the steering limitations of fixed wheels, and as such, it is not easy to maneuver most times, except for the Dyson range of product, The Dyson DC25, and other Dyson in the Market right now uses the patented Ball technology. This technology allows the vacuum to be more flexible. Other than the Dyson your options are limited on versatility for the Upright vacuum as it is only Dyson at the moment using such technology.
  • Likewise, the upright vacuum cost more than the other classifications of vacuum, yet it is definitely justified even despite its cost as it makes cleaning a wide range extremely easy. Using the best upright vacuum cleaner involves the requirements for your vacuum. Contingent upon the necessities of your vacuum, you could conceivably have the one that you require. Available today there are a wide range of models of vacuum cleaners that have their own motivations, control settings, and maneuverabilities.
  • All in all, picking the best upright vacuum cleaner for your house is reliant on a wide range of elements. Boundless Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum and the Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi Floor Upright Corded vacuum cleaners will give you with the power that you require from it. You can discover these vacuum cleaners at any retail chain and can shift in cost and elements.
  • The decision of choosing the right upright vacuum for your home lies in your hands. All the categories of vacuum cleaners have advantages and disadvantages, and in the choice of the right ones, we need to take into consideration some of the pros and cons highlighted above. Therefore, with the helpful tips, you are sure of getting your home clean and healthy.

Eureka AS3030A

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