Best Mattress For Diabetics

What causes poor sleep? Numerous studies have proven there is a clear link between insufficient sleep and the development of diabetes. Let us consider some of the most common causes of poor sleep.

Research by Mayo Clinic reveals that a person with diabetes can suffer many symptoms. The most common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Extreme Hunger
  • Poor wound healing
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Frequent urination
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin

Some symptoms associated with diabetes can disrupt your sleep, such as frequent urination which continues during the night when you’re trying to sleep. High blood sugar can also cause tingling or numbness in your hands and feet.

These uncomfortable sensations can prevent you from falling asleep or wake you during the night in search of a more comfortable position. It is therefore vital for a person with diabetes to find the right place to sleep.

If you want a good night’s sleep, the best place to start is with a new mattress. The best mattresses for diabetes are those that support the spine but are soft enough to be comfortable against common pressure points.

Things To Consider For In The Best Mattress For Diabetics


Each of us has unique needs when shopping for a mattress. Some prefer a soft mattress, while others prefer one that’s firm. Memory foam contours nicely to the body, but it doesn’t have the springiness of a traditional spring coil mattress or a latex mattress.


Consider mattress that is specifically designed for bodies that need recovery from a hard day at work. The decision to choose a soft, medium or firm mattress should depend partly on personal preference and partially on body type.


Some of us are side sleepers, some of us prefer to sleep on our back and a select few even like to sleep on our stomachs. A great mattress should bend and rise according to the structure of your body. Conformity is the key to comfort. It makes it easy for you to sleep under any condition.


Those who suffer from people with diabetes find themselves waking up at night to catch their breath. The situation makes it hard to breathe generally if you face any condition that seems to confine. Foam mattresses are quite magnificent to breathe in. They have the best feature to ensure proper temperature regulation. With excellent temperature control, you are assured of a full night rest.


Some memory foam mattresses that contain synthetic foams can be prone to a problem called off-gassing. This smell tends to dissipate after a while, but it can be a problem for allergy sufferers.


The information provided here is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. On your own or based on your doctor’s recommendation, their advice should be followed.

Top 3 Best Mattress For Diabetics

We’ve listed some of the best overall mattresses below:

Lucid 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress features a 12 inch medium firm feel ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers that crave more a well-rounded plush and supportive sleep experience

The top layer of foam offers a plush and supportive feel that conforms to the body to ease pressure points without leaving lasting impressions

The 2-inch ventilated gel memory foam layer creates a cooler sleep experience than traditional memory foam by helping to regulate body temperature and increase circulation

2 inches of transitionary foam atop 8 inches of dense bamboo charcoal infused support foam provide extra stability and full body support

We only use CertiPUR US-certified memory foam to ensure your uncompromising safety and comfort.

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Best Price Mattress 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Float on a cloud in amazing comfort with body-conforming memory foam and ventilated pressure relief foam

Temperature-reactive memory foam. In normal temperatures, it is somewhat firm, but as you lay down, it reacts to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape.

Weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep deeper without tossing and turning!

Mattress layers: 2.5 inches Memory foam, 3 inches super soft foam with pressure relief system, and 6.5 inches High-density foam

Pressure relief system virtually eliminates all pressure points to ensure a comfortable night sleep.

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Sleep Innovations Shiloh Medium Firm Memory Foam

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress: With cloudlike memory foam technology, medium firm support, and an extra comfortable dual layer design, the 12 inch Shiloh mattress helps you sleep in head to toe comfort

Luxurious Comfort: This medium firm memory foam mattress offers cradling comfort for all sleep positions, keeping your back and body properly aligned, fully supported, and at a comfortable temperature

Support For Every Sleeper: Whether you are a side sleeper or feel best on your stomach or back, looking for motion isolation, edge support, and/or breathability, we have an eco conscious mattress for you

Committed To Great Sleep: We invented the memory foam mattress in a box and we continue to innovate restorative foams and fabrics to give you the best night’s sleep.

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Best mattress for diabetics – Your health depends on the comfort in your sleep. You will have a more productive day if you sleep well during the night.
Try to find a store that carries several major brands. Remember, it’s your mattress, your back, and your money, so it’s worth the time to research it and get the best mattress possible.

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